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More Than Just Mechanics

Since 2015, Fleet Tech has been servicing the equipment for our fleet of 100 trucks - and now, we are able to extend that service to small businesses in Macedonia and surrounding cities. 

When you partner with us, we'll work together to design an affordable, effective fleet plan that meets your business plan. We will give your fleet the preventative attention it needs with the goal of eliminate out of service time, prolong the life of your fleet, and reducing the risk of major service events.

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Preventative Maintenance

Oil changes, DOT inspections, alignments, fluids, filters, brakes, balancing and all other preventative services. Our team will focus on building a preventative maintenance plan to keep your trucks safely on the road.

Extended Service

You can expect fewer major repairs with our preventative maintenance management, but we're still here to help with gas engine repair, transmissions and more as needed. 


"Fleet Tech has been a consistent partner of mine for years. They’ve not only provided excellent fleet maintenance, but have come through for me in tight situations. They’ve done last minute oil changes, morning tire swaps before the fleet hits the road and have even picked up my trucks and returned them to the terminal to service them. You won’t find a better partner to keep you on the roads."
- Jeff, FedEx ISP

Call today to set up an appointment to learn more about a partnership with FleetTech


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